Child Care In Florissant

Child Care in Florissant, children's book

Professional child care in the Florissant community helps youngsters learn to deal with their world by exposing them to other children and other adults.  Children learn to adapt and become accustomed to making friends and having fun away from their home environment.  In the right circumstances, they learn to be kind and flexible and to consider the feelings and needs of others.

We feel that every child is different, with varied learning styles, interests and strengths. Little Arrows strives to provide youngsters with an environment suitable to support your child’s creativeness, curiosity, confidence and eagerness for learning. Our curriculum is based on the foundation that kids learn essential cognitive, social, and emotional skills when they have been the opportunity to understand through both organized and unstructured play!

If you enter our toddler classrooms, you’ll feel in your own home! Our classrooms have soft, soothing surroundings, warm and loving teachers, and a lot of developmentally appropriate activities that will keep children engaged.

Our toddler teachers provide a warm and secure atmosphere for toddlers to build up, learn, explore, and develop in their own individual pace. Our toddlers produce a curiosity for learning and exploring through our engaging developmentally appropriate activities!

Our toddler curriculum was produced to enhance each child’s mental, physical, and developmental growth! Toddlers might have the opportunity to experience music, movement, art, science, physical, fine motor, and gross motor activities. When appropriate, they have the opportunity to crawl, explore, and tumble inside our infant and toddler play areas and also in our outdoor playground which is designed with child safety in mind.

As children grow they develop confidence and become more curious! Our two preschool classrooms offer numerous centers for that two and three-year-old child to build up, socialize, learn, and develop throughout the day.

Beginning within our two-year-old preschool classroom, our teachers begin teaching the children knowledge of colors, letters, figures, and shapes. This exposure builds on what the children learned inside our infant and toddler classrooms, and prepares them for preschool, school, plus a lifelong desire for learning.

Children will be taught to print their name, recognize capital letters, figures, fundamental colors, and fundamental shapes. Teachers might also begin to introduce concepts like; identifying feelings, opposites, fundamental math skills (many/less), and fundamental directional skills (over/under, etc.).

Little Arrows Childcare Facility is conveniently located across from Cold Water Elementary school, behind New Life Christian Church.  We are open Monday thru Friday from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  We accept children from 6 weeks old to 5 years old.  (We also accept Cold Water Elementary Students up to 12 years old.)